Using the patented Active Training in English Skills, you will speak fluent English in less than a year. Active Training is defined as the activity in which all three skills – reading, listening, and speaking – are learned simultaneously. The Concurrent Triple Activity automatically eliminates cross-translation - the main problem in acquiring fluency in English. It sharply contrasts the conventional methods of learning English which belong to Passive Learning,  when the students learn the main English skills - reading, listening and speaking - separately while continuing to think in their native language. The failure rate of this approach is very high. In Passive Learning the information about English should be consciously memorized; whereas in Active Training the English skills are to be trained subconsciously. In Active Training, the learner starts speaking actively before he or she remembers the rules of grammar or vocabulary lists. 

Learning becomes active when each learner spends 80% of class time speaking in English. Active Learning allows this by introducing simultaneous repetition of lessons and drills that all learners wearing earphones perform at the same time. To learn English effectively, it is not enough to read or listen or write or speak. All these skills should be practiced concurrently while a learner is emotionally involved and understands the context due to built-in support in the native language. 

The difference between the conventional methods of Passive Learning and Active Learning of English skills is similar to the difference between the flat-earth thinking and round-earth thinking.

Personalized Training in English

 Personalized Learning uses the synergy of six facets: New Pedagogy, New Technology, Mobile application for Self-training, Adding New Lessons, Social Media Sharing, and Testing. 

The new pedagogy and new technology, protected by three patents, are brain-compatible and meet the requirements of digital learners for Active Training in English skills. It also suits the requirements for personalized learning and allows learners or teachers to create their own lessons.

Active Training is a subconscious process that uses the human brain propensity to seek the patterns in the activity performed repeatedly so that this activity can be performed with a less conscious input. 

In Active Training all three skills—reading, listening and speaking—are trained simultaneously. 

The learner starts speaking actively before he or she remembers the rules of grammar or vocabulary lists.

The mobile application allows learners or teachers to add to each prerecorded lesson the material of their own selection by copying and pasting (or manually entering) text and using the high quality, natural-sounding text-to-speech voices to perform the simultaneous repetition of the new material. It makes the application interactive and suitable for learning of English, English speaking and vocational training in English as a second language

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