Speak English Fluently


There are hundreds of different methods of learning how to speak English fluently, and all of them advise practicing the language skills of reading, listening and speaking separately, using any number and combination of routines. 

Amelia Friedman writes in The Atlantic: “Less than one percent of American adults today are proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a U.S. classroom.” The methods that we use to learn new languages are the problem, not the learners.

Conscious learning of the language skills separately (reading, listening, and speaking) is a common feature of all conventional methods of learning a foreign language. Conventional methods are characterized by the appalling forgetting curve, besides they can't stop cross-translation in the head of adults so they continue thinking in the native language when learning a foreign language. It is a dead-end.

The question is: how do you invent a new language learning method that works? First of all, the new language learning method needs to have two basic properties: (a) it has to be currently unknown and (b) it also has to demonstrate successful results.

The patented method of subconscious Training English skills meets both above requirements: (a) it was never used before in language training and (b) it demonstrates a proven history of success as shown in these testimonials

In subconscious Training English skills a learner develops a new habit of performing three actions at the same time: reading, listening and speaking simultaneously with the speaker. This three-action activity presents the brain with a challenging workload and automatically stops cross-translation into the native language. When cross-translation is stopped, a foreign language center is formed in the brain of an adult because old symbols which were previously wired together with the words of the native language are now re-wired to the English words in the course of multiple simultaneous repetitions.

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