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The Synergy of the 6 Facets of Personalized Learning of English Skills 

Personalized Learning uses the synergy of 6 facets: New Pedagogy, Technology, Self-training, Adding New Lessons, Social Media Sharing, and Testing. Even certified and experienced English teachers should participate in brief re-training sessions to master the new approach to Personalized Learning. 

Training vs. Rote Memorization in Learning English: What are the Differences?

Learning is the conscious effort of rote memorization of facts in English. Training is a subconscious activity of the learner in which he/she develops the skill of thinking in English and speaking in it effortlessly.

The Use of Videos as Tools for Training English Skills - Part 2 

Training English is a subconscious process, in which all English skills – reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation, and intuitive grammar are trained concurrently. The recommended drills to the video lessons are described which meet all the requirements of the definition of training English skills.

The Use of Videos as Tools for Training English Skills - Part 1 


“Training in English skills is a game-changing approach." A new definition of training of English skills as a subconscious process is described. According to this definition, the videos used by English Attack should be modified to be considered as a tool for training English skills. 

Ten New Features of Mobile app for active learning  of English Skills 

Mobile Learning is not exclusively online learning. The mobile learning application could be used online or in the classroom; offline or at home; for self-study or guided learning. Knowledge is information to be consciously memorized; whereas a skill is an ability trained subconsciously.

Active Learning For Language Learning: How To Learn English Fast

The conventional methods of teaching EFL do not teach learners how to think in English. They can’t stop cross-translation in learner’s head. In active learning the ability to think in English is formed subconsciously while the innate habit of cross-translation is turned off automatically.

Why Is It Hard For Adults To Become Fluent In English? 

This is a million dollar question. When we find the true answer to this question, we will be able to answer a host of related questions correctly. For example, why all children are 100% capable to learn any foreign language whereas adults have about 95% failure rate in learning a foreign language? Or why can't adults learn languages like children do? 


Here are 37 articles on various aspects of Active Training in English skills published on LinkedIn. 

Online course of Active Training in English skills

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